The current comic’s title is getting more and more appropriate…  ideally, the second page would have been posted no later than a week ago.  I’ve been out of town for most of the month, though, and won’t get home until the end of next week.  I did bring my gear with me so that I could get some work done, but the amount of activity in this house – particularly from my youngest niece – makes it difficult to work on anything.

Here’s one image I completed earlier this month, of Daisy and her sister Rose as kids –

Little Daisy and Rose by JKLind on deviantART
I’ve also recently finished a pinup of Daisy’s aunt Mercy, for my Patreon page. I may post it on my DeviantArt and Tumblr pages later, but the more revealing alternates will be patron-exclusive.  For now, here’s a preview –

If you only follow me on this site and thus have no idea who Mercy is, she’ll be featured in the next comic or two after “Late Again” is finished.


On a different note, I’ve been giving some thought lately to accepting 3D commissions.  I used to think they were out of the question, because 3D is so much more time-consuming than drawing, and thus more expensive.  Now I’m looking at it like, I already work freelance, so anyone who wants a 3D commission would simply be a new client.  That is, if they can afford it.

Thinking more ambitiously, and maybe daydreaming a bit, this could be a rare opportunity.  For years I’d look at the variety of artwork drawn by independent artists and posted online, and wish that these characters and stories could be animated.  Now, the right combination of elements could allow that to happen.  I’m willing to model and even rig characters for those who can afford it.  Those who sadly can’t afford it could turn to either Kickstarter or IndiGoGo for funding.  These models could even be prepped for Source FilmMaker, if the client chooses, allowing them to animate them!