The current comic is taking forever for me to finish, for a couple of reasons. For starters, I spent much of the past month out of town visiting family and friends. I took my gear with me so that I could work, but found it difficult to do anything more than finish pieces I’d started before I left. But that’s not the real reason the comic is running late.

The real reason the comic is late, is poor planning. I had a rough idea for this chapter – the second page would be mostly tightly-framed close-ups, so that the difference in height between Daisy & Rose on the third/final page might be a surprise. One problem with this idea, is that most of my audience already knows that Rose is roughly twice Daisy’s height. The other problem was that that plan for page 2 was uninteresting. To fix this, I’m basically rewriting everything after the first page.

At first I thought I would only be doing a visual rewrite, but the dialogue needed some punching-up as well. Where the original plan called for three, maybe four pages, now it may be at least six.

So when well the next page be finished? As soon as I have the remaining pages clearly mapped out.