Status:  Closed

While commissions may not be open at the moment, this page should give you an idea of costs and what I will or won’t draw.  Usually I’ll announce commissions on Patreon, DeviantArt, and Twitter.  If my list isn’t officially open, though, it doesn’t hurt to send me a PM.  If I like the idea, and have time, I may accept it.

Pricing is not “one size fits all”. I estimate the amount of time it may take, and multiply by my game industry pay rate. Multiple characters and/or complex costumes take longer, and so would cost more.

Additional notes –

  • I do not do requests.  If you want me to work for you, pay me.
  • Occasionally I’ll do trades, but only with friends or specific artists.
  • Prices are subject to change
    • My prices are based on how much time the image may require, and what my time is worth.
  • Complex costumes or posing may cost extra
    • Ornate Warcraft armor WILL count as an additional character!
  • I have to be interested – getting paid is nice, but it won’t make a boring or uninteresting idea less so.
  • I generally don’t do backgrounds, though simple backgrounds may be priced as an additional character.
  • Color takes twice as much time (at least), and so costs twice as much.
  • If you want a commission but aren’t sure if my list is open, it never hurts to ask.
  • No “sneaky” color!  If a good portion of a character needs to be filled in because line art doesn’t look right – maybe they have dark skin/fur – that still counts as a color commission.
  • 3D commissions – As a general rule, if you think Maya or 3DSMax are too expensive, then you can’t afford a 3D commission.
    • I bill 3D work by the hour, not a flat rate.  An estimate will be given, but this will not be the final cost!
      • Half the estimated cost is due up front, with the rest due on completion.
      • Assuming a character takes at least two weeks to complete, at 25-40 hours per week, this will not be cheap!
    • 3D commissions may be an option as I get better at Zbrush, but for now they are out of the question.

Rules –

  1. Payment is required up front via Paypal, after the commission details have been agreed upon.
  2. Reference is required, plus (ideally) a description of the pose or scenario.  The more specific you are, the faster I can get it done!
  3. Only existing characters, please!  No design work, or caricatures of real people!
  4. Be Specific!  Not many things kill my interest faster than vague requests.  Don’t make me think for you!  Brainstorming an idea takes time, and time is money, as they say.
    • And definitely don’t tell me to draw “whatever I feel like”, because maybe what I feel like is sitting on my couch and watching movies all day instead.  😛
  5. Be original – if a very specific idea has already been done many times before, I’m less likely to be interested.
  6. No re-work – minor tweaks are okay, but I won’t re-draw major portions of an image.  That’s why I ask you to be specific – I want to get it right the first time.
  7. Other artists’ characters – if requesting a nude pinup or otherwise adult image of someone else’s character, you need to provide proof that the character has been portrayed that way by their creator, or with their creator’s permission.
    • I generally want to respect how characters are portrayed.  Pinups/porn of mainstream super-heroes may be okay, because those characters are often fairly sexualized to begin with.  I won’t do the same for characters from childrens’ shows, however, so no Steven Universe lesbian orgies (sorry)!
  8. Porn – with the exception of Monique, I won’t draw porn of my own characters.
    • In fact, porn commissions in general have a better chance of being rejected, simply because drawing two or more characters at their most intimate is really difficult!
  9. Images are digital only, no hard copies.
  10. The images are for your own personal collection only, and not for any commercial use.
  11. If you prefer the image be kept private, please say so.  Otherwise I will reserve the right to post it online.
    • If my own characters are involved, I reserve the right to post it regardless.
  12. The Comfort Clause – basically I can refuse any idea that offends my “delicate” sensibilities.  This includes but isn’t limited to violence, rape, gore, vore, excrement, loli & shota, the Kardashians being rich & famous, etc…
    • When in doubt, look at what I normally draw.
  13. I may bend or break my rules at any time, if I think the idea is fun enough.
    • Doing so doesn’t mean I will do so again, however.