Recently Tumblr has been become unreliable, with many artists having their NSFW art and/or blogs deleted. Many artists are migrating to other sites, like Newgrounds and Pixiv, and while I have made a Newgrounds page, I figure this was also a good excuse to start getting more use out of my site!

First and foremost, I’m slowly moving all of my old art to my new gallery here. It’s a slow process, which might go faster if some files didn’t appear to be missing, or if Windows permissions weren’t such a pain when sharing hard drives between computers…

I’ve also added a Behind the Scenes section, for more in-depth posts about my characters and projects.

Finally, my recent hiatus – I’ve been busy with back-to-back contracts for most of the year, leaving little time for art or other personal projects. Over the past couple of months, I have been drawing a new comic chapter – one that at this point I’ve put off for more than a year – and while several pages are already drawn & assembled, unfortunately it may still be at least a couple of months before I can ink, color, and post them. Please be patient!