It’s hard for me to keep track of who I keep in the loop, in terms of comic updates. Patrons and anyone on my Discord are regularly updated, followed by Twitter. Any other sites – including this one – tend to get lost in the shuffle. “I’ll post an update later”, except I’ll forget once it’s later.

So, what have I been up to since the last page was posted in August? Working.

Contract work had been sparse for much of the year, to the point that I’d grown acquainted with – and disdainful of – LinkedIn recruiters. So, when a job came along that I didn’t have to fight for, and was pretty much exactly what I’d been waiting for for a few years now, I jumped at the chance. It was only a 3-month gig, but it paid well, so surely I could shelve the comic for 3 months?

…Barely 2 months in, the contract was extended to 6 months. And now there’s talk of another potential 6-month job after that.

If this other contract does happen, I may need to find a realistic way to continue the comic, without burning myself out. One approach would be to cut the chapter short, but there are some ideas that I don’t want to cut. Another approach I’d considered before, is doing the rest in black & white. Re-using backgrounds could also be a huge time-saver.

All told, the joke in my mind is that Daisy’s long weekend away from the diner may easily take over a year to play out. The key thing is it will play out, it’ll just take a bit longer than I’d originally anticipated.