Today’s been a bit of a “head” day – I’ve spent most of the day thinking about how best to move forward an animation I’ve posted on my Patreon, Tumblr, and DeviantArt pages.  If you don’t follow me on those sites, I have two words for you – animated Daisy!  I won’t link to it here, because it’s not exactly work- or kid-safe.

I don’t know how long it might take for me to finish that Daisy animation, either rough or full color, but I do have an idea of what it would take to do so in 3D.  I’d estimated that it would take at least a month of full-time work for me to model and rig Daisy for this sort of motion.  But that’s not the model I currently have in the works – the current model will be waitress-only.  Nude/bikini Daisy would be a whole separate character, from a production standpoint, and since that model would be mostly for fan-service, it’d have to be a lower priority than my other characters.  Unless, of course, I knew for certain that producing and animating that version of her would draw in a massive amount of new patrons…  That’s a lot of work for a “maybe”, though.

One of my goals now is to have waitress Daisy modeled and textured by November – if not October – and her unicorn speech animated by Christmas.  We’ll see if my schedule actually allows me to pull that off.  I may continue to refine this 2D animation on the side, but it may be too much to hope to have it finished by Christmas as well.  That might be a hell of a gift, though!