It took me a while, but I’ve finally drawn a comic that I’d planned several months ago!  This one’s only two pages, and #2 is ready for inking and coloring, so it shouldn’t take me forever to finish.

The inspiration for this comic was an image I’d drawn back in January.  Along with one other change, I’d changed Daisy’s hair from blonde to red, just to see how well it fit.  It actually didn’t work that well, but being a redhead would make sense, since her mother also has red hair.  Still, the idea for this comic was too fun to ignore, so I’ll just treat this one as non-canon, and return her to normal when it’s done.

One thing that IS canon, though, is Mary-Anne – of all my characters, she’s taken me the longest to figure out, but now I have a much clearer sense of who she is.  Consider this story her official introduction.

Something I’m not sure of, is whether future comics will also be in color.  In this case it was necessary, and surprisingly it didn’t take much longer than black & white, but I consider myself color-illiterate.