Welcome to the first page of “Discovering A Unicorn”!  This is actually a remake – or a complete re-imagining – of a short comic I did several years ago, called “Wilson Says…”, which introduced Daisy.

It wasn’t what anyone might call high-art – in fact it wasn’t even finished art – but it did help introduce my most popular character, Daisy.  More recently I’ve felt that if I were to draw the comic now, the story would play out very differently… so that’s what I’m doing.  Also, this story has absolutely nothing to do with Unicorns, but hopefully it’ll make sense by the end.


Some behind the scenes info –

  • My friend Jim insists that these two guys are based on him and our friend, the real-life Wilson.  It wasn’t intentional, but there is just enough of a resemblance in at least one of them that I can’t really dispute it.
  • The distrust of the fictional Wilson is also inspired by the real one – when he was introduced to the internet as a teenager, it took Wilson very little time to find all manner of the most vile and perverse material you don’t even want to imagine…  which he then proceeded to e-mail to all his unsuspecting friends (and maybe even random people, for all we knew).  If you were unfortunate enough to recieve one of those e-mails, you quickly learned to block or ignore everything he sent you, and probably wished for some eye-bleach and short-term memory loss.
  • The look of Daisy’s Diner is based on a Denny’s Classic Diner in Orlando, FL.