And so this comic diverges further from the original… In “Wilson Says…”, Daisy didn’t appear until the third page, standing behind a podium. It was only when she hopped out from behind it at the very end these two guys (and the readers) found out how short she was. It was a fun punchline for what was originally meant to be a one-off character, but one that quickly ran its course.

Some extra info –

  • My original idea for Daisy was quite different – she was a gunslinging Texas cowgirl (of average height), and was meant to be the cousin of one of my other characters, Mary-Anne.  The problem was, she suffered from what I call “anime syndrome” – her body and face was more or less identical to Mary; the only changes were her hair and clothes.  I decided to scrap the character until I could come up with something better.
  • The decision to make her both short and busty was the sort of lighting-in-a-bottle moment that came about from wanting to do something different, and a tremendous lack of sleep.