Here it is – the sixth and final page of what was originally supposed to be a 3-page comic!  A comic that was started over 14 months ago…  holy crap that’s depressing…  But it’s over now, and I can step out into the sun again, see colors, and maybe even experience this thing called “joy”.  After 14 months I can’t remember clearly, but I’m told it’s a great feeling.

There are a few reasons why this comic took so long to finish.  One is simply that I lost interest at some point, BECAUSE it was taking so long.  It became maddening – I wanted to just quit and move on to the next chapter, but at the same time I couldn’t let myself move on until this one was done.  Even thinking about working on this any more would make my stomach turn…

The delays started to creep in because I hadn’t properly planned it from the start, but only realized that after the first page had already been completed and posted.  The original idea would have been much shorter, but it felt too lazy, and not like a proper intro for Rose.

The nutty thing is, now I’m thinking about putting together a special edition PDF for my patrons – aside from collecting all the pages into one file, it might also include a color cover, and the original 3-page version carelessly hacked together from bits of the final pages so folks can see the difference.