My Patreon campaign is live, and now I’ve uploaded my first patron-supported pair of images!  Here’s a preview of the primary image on DeviantArt, along with a tease of its exclusive alternate version –

Mary 042614 by JKLind on deviantART

Posting this pinup also cleared up a lot about how Patreon works… and helped me to determine that a per-image campaign was a bit too confusing, for both me and for potential patrons.  To simplify things, I’ve switched it to a monthly campaign, and have rearranged my reward tiers a little –

  • $1 per month gets you access to the Patron-only feed
  • $5 per month includes NSFW artwork, such as the occasional nude variant for otherwise normal images.  Patrons in this tier can also offer suggestions for future images.  If an idea is fun enough – or inspires a fun scenario – then I’ll make it happen!
  • $10 per month includes high-resolution images, as well as a “supported by” credit on the first page of each upcoming chapter to Daisy’s Diner.

I’m even debating a $20 and possibly even $40 tier, which would offer single- and two-character sketch commissions as their reward, respectively.  The only reason I hesitate to add these options, is because I never know what my freelance schedule will be like from one month to the next.  I’d hate to have work force me into a situation where un-drawn commissions just keep piling up for months on end.  I’ve seen it happen to other artists, and while their fans have typically been forgiving and understanding, that didn’t make it any less stressful…