banner-patreon2After thinking about it (and overthinking it) for the past couple of weeks, I’ve finally started a Patreon campaign!

If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s basically open-ended crowdfunding.  Patrons can pledge their support to artists on a per-month or per-work basis, depending on the campaign.  My campaign is per-image, that way Patrons are only billed when I post something new.

Currently there are 3 tiers –

  • $1 – The Early Bird Special.  Pledging this amount allows Patrons to see the finished images before they’re posted anywhere else.
  • $3 – The Lunchtime Rush.  On top of early access, Patrons will get to see how a typical image or comic page comes together, and can suggest costumes, poses, and themes for illustrations.
  • $5 – Dinner and a Show.  All of the above, plus high resolution images and/or layers PSDs when higher resolutions aren’t available, and the occasional nude alternate to clothed pinups

Worth noting is that my art will not be Patreon-exclusive.  I’ll still be posting finished images & pages for free here, and on DA, Tumblr, and Facebook, but Patrons will get the images anywhere from a day to a week in advance.