Last week I decided to take a detour from the comic, so that I could get some more work in on one of my 3D characters before my next contract starts.  The character is another that I’ve been drawing for years, and will make her official debut in an upcoming chapter – Daisy’s aunt Mercy.

What can I say about Mercy without spoiling too much?  She’s a bitter chain smoking alcoholic who dresses like a nun for reasons only she fully understands, and in general is not the most pleasant person to be around.


For her model, I used Daisy’s sister, Rose, as a starting point, since they’re both roughly the same height and have the same base proportions.



Mercy_wip03(Mercy’s most “important” accessory – a big ol bottle of whiskey!)

One added benefit to modeling Mercy is she gives me an excuse to test out Maya’s nCloth –

Nothing fancy yet, but maybe once the other layers are in place, and I get her moving…