About three weeks ago, I uploaded a Daisy figure to Shapeways and ordered a full-color print for myself, to judge the quality. After two weeks of the order being listed as in production, I was informed it couldn’t be printed, as some parts were too thin. I’ve adjusted and resubmitted the model, but I’m already looking into other printers.

While I’m waiting for my second Shapeways attempt to go through (and maybe still get rejected), Ownage has already gotten back to me with an estimate.

The good news is that a small run of 20-50 unpainted figures would cost just low enough that I might not need to worry about setting up a Kickstarter campaign. I’m just waiting on some extra details, like shipping costs and whether the figures will come unassembled for easier painting. Right now I’m placing the sale price around $75-100.

So, who’s interested?

http://jklind.deviantart.com/ (scroll down for the poll)

In other news, the next page of the current comic may be delayed. This week I’ve been working on my next 3D character*, and next week I might have some contract work. To fit the comic in, I might just split the next page into two, so each one would take less time to finish.
* check out my Facebook or Tumblr pages for wip images.