My second Daisy print has arrived from Shapeways, and in one piece, I’m happy to report!  I think it turned out quite nicely –

DaisyFig2_09Daisy figure with base It’s available for sale now, in two flavors – towel, and no towel.


And since this time I remembered to hit the record button on my camera, here’s an unboxing video –


The one thing that disappoints me about 3D printing?  Chances are, Daisy will be the only character I can offer.  Taller characters like Mary or Rose would cost too much in materials alone.  A Violet figure might be possible, once I have her modeled.  She’s taller than Daisy, but not as tall as Mary, and is also thinner overall.  With luck, she might end up using roughly the same amount of material as Daisy.

Making the figures smaller is, unfortunately, not an option.  Certain areas – like Daisy’s fingers, ears, and hair swirls – are already too close to the minimum required thickness for printing.