Some additional info on this chapter –

The first page was a originally all there was supposed to be. I had the idea back in April, but had to set it aside because of my rule about wolf-Mary being a Halloween-only thing.

After posting the first page, Brian Christy asked Daisy’s werewolf form might be. I couldn’t resist – “A corgi, of course!”. I was joking, but the idea was too cute not to draw.

Lily & her husband, Don, might be considered last-minute additions to the page, if there was actually time to plan any of it. Like corgi-Daisy, Lily’s reaction was something I couldn’t resist, although it made it more difficult for me to fit everything onto the page. The whole page was so spontaneous, I didn’t plan ahead for how everything would fit together.

Since my one-page gag was now a multi-page story, I needed an ending. More importantly, I needed an ending that would sweep the entire werewolf thing under the rug… one of my rules – usually in regards to pinups – is that nothing is canon unless I put it in a comic. But since wolf-Mary isn’t supposed to be canon, I’d backed myself into a corner. Having the whole thing be Violet’s idea ended up being the best fit. It also gave me a chance to use another gag I’d been sitting on – Mary’s info-dump, and Daisy & Vi’s reaction. The downside is that bit was meant to be the ending to a whole different story, so now I’ll need to think of a new ending for that one.

I was hoping to draw more of corgi-Daisy before posting the final page, but I ran out of time. An animation job came my way just as I was finishing the first page, and it kept me busy for most of the month. Now another job looks like it will keep me busy for the next couple of months, so those corgi-Daisy ideas may have to wait until next Halloween…