And here we are, the main reason this comic exists – the speech!  This was something I came up with to hopefully clear up any misconceptions people might have about Daisy.

  • I’d originally planned this story as a 3D-animated short. The panels for Daisy’s speech – moreso than any other part of the comic – are essentially storyboards.
  • Being built the way she is, plenty of people make quick assumptions about what my plans for Daisy are.  Usually those assumptions are some variation of “how could she NOT be for porn?”  The inspiration for this comic was to simply have Daisy address the viewer, and say something like “Yeah, I’m short and have large breasts.  Let’s move on…”
  • This is essentially a 180 from Daisy’s original appearance in “Wilson Says”.  In that comic, her personality – if you could call it that – was more bubbly and naive.  She was basically a prop.
  • The final panel was just going to have the two guys looking at each other in disbelief, only it looked more like they were trying to decide on a booth or table.  They’ve spent enough time being speechless already, I figured one of them should say something stupid.  It was either this, or something like “sorry, you lost me at the unicorn”.