There are probably much more gentle ways to get their attention, but not nearly as fun…

  • Daisy using a horn to get their attention was a last-minute change.  The original idea was to have six panels – the top four, but with a shot of each guy as Daisy looks from one to the other.  Those two extra shots likely would’ve used the same art from page 2, which would have been boring.
  • The panel of Daisy using the horn was drawn at my local movie theater, while waiting for Thor: The Dark World to start.
  • The length of her arms can sometimes be a challenge – when she’s plugging her ear, I wanted her hand and index finger to be straight.  Her arms are too short for that to work, though.
  • I’m a big fan of Adam Warren’s work.  I still have a tutorial he did for Wizard Magazine way back, that focused mostly on speed-lines.  I’m a long way from being able to do the type of crazy line work he does – especially motion-blurring – but at least simple speedlines are easy to create digitally.