Daisy might just have to spell things out, because Violet clearly isn’t getting it…

  • I’m definitely channeling some of my own geekiness through Violet, here.  Far too often, I’ll ramble on and on about the things that I like about a particular comic or film, but completely miss certain things that others seem to pick up on immediately.
  • I wanted to have a 4th-wall breaking gag in here, where after Daisy mentions artists drawing big boobs, Violet would just look unamused out at the reader.  Daisy would also have been posed in such a way that her breasts would have been emphasized.  The gag just didn’t work with the page’s layout and pacing, though, and felt too forced and clichéd.
  • Daisy’s comment about Amanda Conner possibly being a pervy artist…  anyone who’s read “The Pro” might agree.  And if you haven’t read it, you should (if you’re over 18), because it’s a very funny and twisted take on super-heroes.